My indie obsession

I’m an indie obsessive.

For me, everything is better when I’m listening to indie. Don’t get me wrong, my music taste is pretty eclectic – I still listen to RnB, rock, pop and (unashamedly) musical soundtracks – but indie holds a special place in my heart.

Originally I was planning a single blog post about my music taste and regular listens, but after some thinking I realised it wouldn’t work. I listen to so much music, it’d be unfair to try and cram it all into one post. My life revolves so much around music and I want to share all of it with you.


I absolutely love live music because nothing beats the atmosphere of singing along to your favourite song with your best pals and a room full of strangers. Obviously this means it’s pretty often I find myself spending money I don’t have on more gig tickets (oops), so to make up for my irresponsible gig addiction I’m gonna start a little gig diary on here. To keep my posts more consistent, every other Sunday I’ll choose one song I’ve enjoyed listening to that week (more likely than not to be indie, but you never know I might surprise you) and share it with you. I’m pretty excited about this because it’ll push me to listen to new artists which is always something I try to do. This way, we’ll all discover some funky tunes – hopefully anyway.

Im x

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