Saving the Earth little by little

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, we have 12 years to save the Earth. It seems pretty dramatic and almost out of the blue, but I’m glad because it really is as urgent as it sounds.

The news for me was both scary yet unsurprising and it pushed me to start this blog. Although I’m incredibly dubious as to whether humanity as a whole cares enough to save our little planet, I want to be able to say that I do care enough to do my bit and then encourage others to do the same. There are lots and lots of ways to be a little bit kinder to the Earth, most of them being small changes in our everyday habits.

Plastic pollution is an enormous and highly publicised threat to the well-being of wildlife and our planet, however it’s not the only one – the meat industry, fashion industry and palm oil production are all incredibly harmful, but get no where near as much media attention. That’s why I want to use this space to educate people (even myself) on the devastating effects our species is having on the world.

Every other week I’ll post new ways to take steps to help save the Earth. Some are small, whilst others are a little bigger – all of them are equally valuable. I hope someone out there will find these tips useful and maybe together we can make an effort to protect our planet.

Im x

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