I’ve been listening to Wallows since the 1st season of 13 Reasons Why after discovering Dylan Minette aka “Clay” is part of the trio. If I’m honest, I’m stuck in a constant cycle of forgetting they exist and then every so often stumbling across them buried at the bottom of my Spotify library. It’s a shame really because they’ve got a slightly hazy, yet strangely upbeat sound and I really, really like it. That’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to dig them up again and give them another listen.

Deciding on a single song to recommend and write about was never going to happen. Instead, I’m basically telling you to go and listen to all of their stuff (they’re still in their infancy so several singles and their Spring EP are all they have at the moment). Since I can’t choose one, I’ll have to give you few of my favourites:

  • Pictures of Girls – I think this was maybe the second Wallows single I ever listened to and is now featured as the last track on their EP. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something about it that makes me want to listen to it.
  • It’s Only Right – This is also part of their EP and without a doubt my most listened to because it’s one of those songs I can have on repeat and never get bored of.
  • Sun Tan – Released as a single, I hated this song after the first time I heard it. Now I love it.

I’ve only mentioned 3 songs, but I think they’re all worth a listen. Although the lyrics aren’t necessarily genius, they have their own style and sound without being repetitive or unimaginative like other bands I’ve heard. At the same time, they’ve already produced tracks that have made me think “this is a bit different” and for me that’s always a good thing. After bringing them back to the forefront of my listening, I’m just excited for a whole Wallows album.

Im x

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