On 16/11/18 I saw SHEAFS, a local Sheffield rock band, for the second time at the O2 Academy. Out of curiosity, I first saw them at Tramlines Festival this year in the Leadmill tent. As soon as I heard they were playing in Sheffield again, I booked tickets.

SHEAFS at Tramlines 2018

So far they’ve only released 3 EPs, but they played some new stuff (I never appreciate new music as much as I should when it’s live), so I’m excited for them to release it all. The atmosphere has been incredible both times I’ve seen them because the whole band completely immerse themselves in the crowd – this gig was the first time I’d ever seen someone walk on the ceiling mid crowd surf. I was warm and sweaty and my makeup was a mess by the end of it, but I loved every second.

You might not think this band is your cup of tea, neither did I. But give them a chance. To make your life a little easier, I’ll link their Spotify page here. You wont regret it (and if you do and you hate them – oh well).

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