The Wombats

I have this band – along with a handful of others – to thank for my love of music. As a 14 y/o searching through my dad’s many CDs on a mission to expand my musical horizon (resulting from my inability to listen to anything other than Ed Sheeran), I remember digging out The Wombats’ first album A Guide to Love, Loss & Depression. This quickly became the soundtrack to cleaning my bedroom and I’ve listened to them ever since. Since then, there isn’t an album I haven’t loved – I’ve genuinely enjoyed hearing how their sound has changed with each new album and I’m pretty certain they’ll be a band that stick with me for life.

On the 26/01/19 I saw them for what I think was the 4th time. As per they topped all their previous gigs and completely blew away my expectations. I tend to forget just how good they are live, so I always come away impressed. All of their music personally brings me a lot of happiness because I have nothing but good, happy memories attached to every song – both in terms of refining my music taste with the help of my dad and having the best times with the friends I treasure the most.

I can’t rave about The Wombats enough to do them the justice I think they deserve and I’m eager to hear what else they’re capable of producing. Instead of rambling on I’m going to keep this short and sweet: although I definitely recommend dedicating some time to give all of their albums a good listen, I’ve included one of my favourites from each album to give you taste of what the The Wombats are about.

Im x

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