Vegan Sweet Treats

Update: Convectionery have let me know their packets are made from cellophane, not plastic, and the bubble wrap they use is biodegradable. I’m happy to hear this, but I still think paper packaging would be best (especially to replace the biodegradable bubble wrap because biodegradable plastics don’t always equal environmentally friendly plastics).

Convectionery is an independent business creating vegan replicas of much loved, traditionally non-vegan sweet treats. I found them on Twitter just before they were about to launch and once they did, good reviews started appearing straight away. Since I was already on the hunt for satisfying vegan chocolate alternatives, I thought it’d be a good idea to give them a try. I much prefer the idea of eating something made by someone who is passionate, rather than buying a mass produced product. Whilst everything is a little pricier than the vegan confectionery you can buy in shops, it’s expected since they’re a small independent brand. On the plus side, they often offer discounts, social media giveaways and they even have a loyalty scheme (a nice touch).

Kit Kats

These vegan style kit kats are not exact replicas of the original. They’re different, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good. The chocolate is darker and actually much nicer, whilst the coating is thinner.

The wafer is softer, again this isn’t a negative – just a difference. But they’re hella tasty and I wouldn’t complain if I never ate another original Kit Kat ever again as long as I’ve got these. You get five for £3.50, which is expensive compared to other options out there but like I said, they’re a small business.

Rocky Road

Admittedly I’ve never been a rocky road fan because I hate marshmallow, but I thought I might as well give it a try. It tasted pretty good, and I’m sure any rocky road lover would approve. I personally probably won’t be buying again, only because I enjoyed the other three more.

I think I got a bag of about five bite-sized pieces for £3.50 (I ate all the pieces straight away, apart from the lone piece you see in the photo, so I didn’t get chance to count). The rocky road is the only thing I think is definitely over-priced because I was a little shocked at how much I actually got for what I paid.

Jammie Dodgers

I love jammie dodgers and whilst I like these, I don’t love them yet – they’re so close to being right, it’s frustrating. The biscuit is actually divine and they’re big. My only criticism is there isn’t enough jam, add a thicker layer between the biscuit and they’d be perfect.

I saw someone on Twitter suggest Convectionery should use the same biscuit and cover it in chocolate and I agree, I think that would be a winner. For £3.50 you get three.

Peanut Butter Cups

Don’t expect a vegan twin to Reese’s peanut butter cups, they’re weird but in a really good way. These are hands down my favourite because they really satisfy my chocolate craving. They’re a nice size and one is enough as they’re quite sickly. I’d maybe like a little more of the peanut butter filling if I’m being really picky.

Switching the filling to a mint fondant would make an amazing alternative to an After Eight – something I’d love to see Convectionery try. A pack of three costs £3.

Currently, they only have four products available so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they come up with. My one big problem is that everything comes in plastic! With bubble wrap too! Replacing the bubble wrap with a paper alternative is a super easy change they can make, and possibly even doing the same for the plastic packets would be great too. Otherwise, I really wish each thing you bought wasn’t packaged separately. I wouldn’t care if the jammie dodgers and peanut butter cups arrived in the same bag. I think the whole concept is great and I’ll definitely be buying more, but a few tweaks would mean they’d not only be making vegan alternatives, instead they’d be creating better versions of the originals.

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One thought on “Vegan Sweet Treats

  1. I like this very much and am always on the look out for confectionery ideas to add to our ranges. One of our team has to go ‘dairy free’ and is always on the look out for nutritous treats that won’t upset their day. We are seeing an increasing demand for targeted products like diary free and vegan. Thank you for your article.

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