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So this isn’t exactly sustainable living but, for me, it’s a really important way to stay inspired. A few months ago I detoxed my Instagram. I unfollowed people whose life I had no interest in, and more importantly I unfollowed all the influencers and celebrities that made my life feel inadequate unless I owned more material things. At the time it felt like I was missing out, but after a week or so, the only reason I noticed their absence was because I felt happier. It’s such a small and trivial thing, yet seeing influencers with a new outfit every day or on holiday every other month can make you feel your life isn’t enough.

As a replacement, I began following zero waste and sustainable living pages. I like these for two reasons: first, they give such great advice on how to reach a sustainable lifestyle, along with great zero waste, low impact ideas and DIYs. Second, since filling my Instagram feed with these pages, I feel like I need less, not more – which is surprisingly freeing, especially when you put it into practice. I want to share these pages with you because they’re such an enormous help when trying to live more sustainably. They introduce you to a community of like-minded people and show you you’re not alone in the struggles of low impact living.

I’ve picked some of my favourite accounts to share; the ones whose posts I always take time to read and, most importantly, the ones that understand sustainable living doesn’t mean perfection (no matter how aesthetically pleasing their page is).


Full of super informative content with great posts dedicated to educating about all sorts – from composting to recycling right – with a sprinkle of motivational posts to keep you going on your sustainable journey.


Possibly my favourite account because she includes so much about curating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Easily the kind of lifestyle I aspire to most and it’s captured beautifully.

A lovely depiction of simple, natural living. Plus there’s a collection of homely recipes and DIYs (which I haven’t yet tried – I’m dying to try the soup recipe below). Far from achievable for most, but inspiring none the less.


Incredibly informative in such an effective way. A great way to learn about the climate crisis without an overload of information. Not just a page about environmentalism, but feminism too.


Packed with low waste, everyday inspiration, and simple DIYs. Such a helpful account to guide you on your journey to sustainability, definitely one of my favourites!


Includes a great variety of posts about easy changes to make, sustainable products and lots of DIYs. A beautifully organised and helpful account.

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Disposable razors last a few weeks, then they get thrown in the trash. The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away EACH YEAR. What's worse is that disposable razors can't even be recycled due to the different materials its made up of! So basically, the landfill is the only choice. On top of creating a ton of waste, it also gets pretty pricey when you add it up every month. So what is the alternative? . Enter safety razors! The razor itself can last a lifetime, and the blades can be recycled (depending on your local waste disposal system). It doesn't contain plastic, and there is no landfill every month! Now this “simple swap” is something I do recommend if you can afford it, because it truly is a money saver, landfill saver, and like I said before, you probably won’t ever have to buy another one ever again, just the blades (which are very affordable). . I was very excited to try this razor from @leafshave (#gift) because of all the great things I had been hearing….and I kid you not, this thing is the holy grail of razors! I would highly recommend this one if you are wanting to make the switch. I’ve tried a double edge safety razor before (Scott’s), and this doesn’t compare. This @leafshave razor gives me the closest shave, and it has reduced any irritation that I would typically get. . I paired the razor with this awesome shave bar from @mywildmuse and it's been amazing. It’s all natural and as a bonus there is also no packaging! . Have you made the switch to a safety razor or shave bar? (obviously, shaving isn't the only option. Not shaving at all is also a great choice if that’s you’re cup of tea, we're all about options here 😉)

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Sustainable living from a busy doctor. Showcases exactly how sustainability can fit into a hectic lifestyle, with some fab tips designed specifically for people who don’t feel like they have the time.

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This requires effort! But not as much as you might think. I always flip flop between how easy I think zero waste is. There are plenty of “simple swaps” you can make which are pretty easy. But also to make a considerable difference to the world you will need to be willing to do more that simple swaps, and push yourself further. But again, the more you do these “harder” actions, the easier they become as they start to become habits. However even as habits they do require effort and planning and prioritising. It’s just I get used to it. I’m not quite sure what I want to say, but maybe it’s two fold for different people: 1) if you’re not zero waste, many zero waste swaps can be easy and it’s a great place to start. Don’t be put off by the idea that it’s too hard to make a difference – it’s not! 2) If if you’re practicing zero waste and it feels hard, stick with it. The hard swaps usually make the most difference and they do get easier over time! We can’t write off zero waste as easy or people may give up when they find it isn’t easy breezy, but it also isn’t as hard as a lot of people expect. Do you find it easy or hard or kind of in between like me? #Zerowaste #zerowastelondon #zerowasteuk #zerowastehome #goingzerowaste #ourplanetourhome #zerowastecollective #plasticfree #plasticfreeliving #wastefreeplanet #refusereducereuserecycle #reducewhatyouproduce #zerowasteliving #choosetorefuse #refusesingleuseplastic #iamzerowastecommunity #zerowastechristian

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