Swaps for a Low Impact Lockdown

It’s been a long while since my last post – lockdown has thrown me off a little bit and I’m spending all my free time playing Animal Crossing (oops). I’d been intending to make some more swaps and I thought what better time to support small zero-waste businesses than during lockdown. Right now would also be a great time for you to start making little changes to the everyday products you use, so here are a couple of products I’ve tried out recently (plus you can give my previous posts a read for even more sustainable swaps here, here and here).

Aloe & Lavender Micellar Water

Aloe & Lavender Micellar Water by Flawless, £5.95

Living without micellar water was something I knew I couldn’t do when cutting out plastic packaging in my skincare routine. Finding this aloe & lavender micellar water has been a godsend. It’s more expensive than high street brands, but I’m happy to have found a replacement. Each Flawless product is handmade, vegan, and the micellar water is packaged in a recycled glass bottle.

Marley’s Monsters Cotton Rounds

I’ve owned reusable cotton rounds since my first post about sustainable swaps over a year ago. I still have my originals but I ended up using them to remove nail varnish so they’re not really suitable for cleansing my face anymore.

20 Cotton Rounds by Marley’s Monsters, £16

Marley’s Monsters make several different collections of patterns, but I opted for the monochrome set. They’re soft and feel well made so I’m not worried about them being damaged during washing. Reusable cotton rounds are one of the simplest swaps you can make and they are super cost effective.

Georganics Natural Toothpaste

Natural Toothpaste in English Peppermint
by Georganics, £8.90

My first toothpaste swap was for Georganics Toothpowder which took some time to get used to. Since then I’ve tried their toothpaste in the flavours spearmint and English peppermint. I’d personally recommend the peppermint as it has a nice freshness (and I don’t usually like peppermint).

I definitely prefer the paste to the powder because the formula isn’t drastically different from high street toothpastes. I really enjoy using any Georganics products I try, so if you’re wanting to reform your oral hygiene routine give them a go.

Zero Waste Path Shampoo Bar

So whilst I’m forever a shampoo bar convert, I’m still trying out different brands when I get the opportunity to find my holy grail. I have quite a sensitive scalp so aloe vera sounded like a good option. I love how well this bar lathers up and whilst it doesn’t have a strong scent, my hair always feels clean!

Aloe Vera Shampoo by Zero Waste Path, £5

I’ve found some shampoo bars don’t last very long, but a little goes a long way with this bar making the price worth it – especially as it’s cheaper than some of the bars I’ve tried previously.

Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub

Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub by UpCircle, £11.99

I love this body scrub! UpCircle reuse coffee grounds from cafés in London (plus other waste ingredients) to create sustainable skincare products. Their upcycling practices are something I admire, so I was able to forgive their use of plastic caps. A sizeable blob is enough for your whole body and it leaves your skin super smooth and hydrated.

When I’m next looking to purchase some new skin care products, I’m going to give more UpCircle products a try! You can browse their range here.

Hydrating Body Cream

I’ve previously used the Eve of St Agnes face cream and fell in love with it (no idea why I haven’t repurchased yet), so I had high hopes for their body cream. It’s super silky, soaks in quickly and doesn’t feel greasy at all! The tin it comes in is so cute and I, personally, really love the scent: frangipani, sweet orange, bergamot and rose geranium.

Hydrating Body Cream by Eve of St Agnes, £10

Clean Deodorant Balm

Clean Deodorant in Vanilla & Manuka by
The Natural Deodorant Co., £12.5

The last natural deodorant I tried was great – it came in a cardboard tube which is fab for the planet, but not too practical. The Natural Deodorant Co. use glass jars which I much prefer and the formulation is amazing! It’s easy to apply and dries quickly. I’m not a massive fan of the scent (vanilla & manuka), so I’ll probably give another scent a try next time.

Importantly, The Natural Deodorant Co. offer three different rangess: clean, gentle and active. Gentle is great for sensitive skin and active is ideal for gym days or extra busy days, although I opted for their clean range and it still stands up well to a sweaty workout.

Sandstone Foot File

I bought this foot file on a whim and I don’t regret it. Thanks to this little gem, my feet are incredibly soft, especially when I apply the Eve St Agnes body cream afterwards. Initially it’s a little pricey, but as the file is made of sandstone it’s unlikely I’ll ever need to replace it. And I’m not going to lie, I actually think it looks nice sat on my shelf in it’s cork holder.

Sandstone Foot File by Lavinia, £21

In posts like this one I often mention that sustainable products are pricier, which is true, and that likely puts people off making the swap. Handmade, organic, natural or otherwise sustainably made products are always going to come with a higher price tag, but I see an advantage in this: moderation. As I spend more on skin care, personal hygiene or other everyday products, I never waste them, I only use what I need, and I make the most of them. For me, this is just as important as making the swap itself because it’s taught me not to mindlessly consume the products I buy!

I hope, once again, my little run down of some potential swaps has helped someone makes some changes to their lifestyle. All the products listed here can be found at Peace With The Wild or Plastic Freedom – my two go-to online shops for sustainable products. But please don’t forget most of the brands have websites of their own for you to browse and it’s likely they offer items not available through other sites.

Im x

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