Keeping your pits fresh: what to expect from a natural deodorant

Natural deodorants are pretty intimidating and if you’re used to the usual high street brands you probably think they’re not as effective. In all my sustainable swaps posts I’ve mentioned a different brand, each with a different formula. As someone who is deep into the world of natural deodorants, I thought it was a good time to talk about what switching is like and give a quick run down of what I thought of each brand I’ve tried. I’m pretty confident I’ve finally found the brand I’ll stick with, so now seems like a good time to write this post.

The switch

Making the switch isn’t easy and definitely takes some dedication to find the right match for you. There are three main issues when making the switch: the transition phase (which I’ll discuss later), the formula, and the scent.

Natural deodorants come in lots of different forms: paste, stick, cream and solid bar. Obviously this is personal preference and definitely trial and error if you’re used to aerosol deodorants. The same is true for choosing a scent that you both like and works for you. Often, since it’s a natural alternative, the scent is a lot subtler and consists of natural scents such as bergamot, citrus, mint, or rose. Searching for the perfect match is a long process – it’s taken me over 18 months to finally find a brand that works for me.

The transition

High street deodorants contain aluminium to prevent sweating, acting as an anti-perspirant. Natural deodorants don’t include this in their ingredients, allowing your body to sweat (as it should) resulting in a bodily detox that doesn’t smell too great. This is known as a transition period and can last up to a month when switching to a natural deodorant. All it really means is that you need to reapply more often than usual and not to make a rush decision about whether it works for you.

If you’re serious about making the swap, sitting tight through the transition is worth it. Something I wish I’d known before heading on my journey is that it’s possible to suffer through a transition period for each new brand you try, since they all include different ingredients. This has definitely been the case for me and can be a little disheartening, but luckily I’ve noticed the transition is a lot shorter between different brands. I’ve discussed several natural alternatives on my blog previously, but never directly compared them (plus I’m currently trying two new brands which I wanna include).

My journey:


My first experience of a natural deodorant was with Nuud. Nuud is a scentless cream formula packaged in a recyclable sugarcane tube. Unlike typical deodorants, Nuud is only applied every 3-7 days, and it works so well. My only complaint was the lack of scent – I like to smell fresh after applying my deodorant, which is why I moved on and looked for something new.


I tried both their non-vegan and vegan formulas, and both were really effective. All of the scents I tried, I loved, and I barely had any issues with a transition period – a serious bonus. Kutis deodorants come as a stick in a cardboard tube. The packaging is great for reducing plastic waste, but I didn’t get along with it towards the end of a stick because it constantly fell out of the tube. Even though I liked the formula, the packaging just wasn’t sturdy enough.

The Natural Deodorant Co.

I reverted back to a cream formula with The Natural Deodorant Co. as I think it works best for me. This formula was an absolute dream! Soaked in so quickly, lasted all day and never left residue on my clothes – I just really hated the scent I chose. I didn’t dare experiment with another of their scents, in case I hated it just as much, so once again I was on the hunt for another brand.


Everything about this deodorant was great, expect the application. I opted for spearmint & grapefruit (weird as a deodorant scent, but actually works and smells nice). Again, the deodorant was long lasting, easily absorbed and packaged in a recyclable tin, all great things. Even better was how moisturising it was for my underarms, probably thanks to the absence of bicarb in the formula. However, this was a deodorant you applied with your fingers and the formula felt too chalky when applying which really turned me off using this, despite how great every other aspect of this deodorant was.


My new holy grail. Wild have changed the natural deodorant game for me. One of my biggest issues was having to apply most of the deodorants I tried with my fingers, I really didn’t like it. Wild comes in a reusable case made from aluminium and recycled plastic with refills in five scents. So far I’ve tried coconut dream, orange zest and rose blush – they’re all subtle, but really nice. I’m back to using deodorant in stick form and finally it’s working for me, plus the formula is super silky during application and lasts a good length of time – when I’m working I usually reapply once during the day which isn’t an issue to me. Another great thing I love is that Wild operates on a subscription basis so I don’t need to think about reordering. You just tell them which scents you’d like to receive (you get three each time), and how often you apply each day so they can calculate how often you need a delivery. I can’t express how much I love this deodorant, and if you’re looking to switch to a natural alternative – although I’d happily recommend all the brands I’ve tried – this is my absolute favourite.

So what?

Ultimately I’ve had a much better experience with natural deodorants than conventional high street brands. I suffered with a lot of underarm irritation before making the switch, so if you’re in the same boat I’d advise you to choose what products you put on your skin more carefully – natural is best for you and best for our planet. Since the world of natural deodorant is an unknown for most people I thought a run down of what to expect along with my experiences would be helpful to those of you wanting to make the switch, but also for those still on a journey to finding the right match. Personally, switching to a natural, low waste deodorant produced by a company that cares about the planet has been one of my favourite swaps. I’ve enjoyed trying out different brands and I genuinely celebrated when I finally discovered Wild. As with most of the swaps on my blog, choosing a natural deodorant is such a small, simple lifestyle change that reduces waste and uses natural, sustainable ingredients which aren’t harmful to the environment.

Im x

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