Saucy – Sheffield’s Vegan Junk Food

I was never a massive meat fan even before I went veggie, but I have to admit I did enjoy a good burger. It’s something I’ve definitely missed over the last 18 months or so. I first heard of Saucy when I joined an online group for Sheffield veggies and vegans – everyone who tries their burgers and fried chicken raves about it, and so I added it to my list of places I’d like to eat. Saucy offers vegan fast food and was created by the founders of Make No Bones, for anyone who is familiar with the vegan pop-up kitchen that used to occupy Church in Kelham Island.

We (my boyfriend and I) ordered for delivery, each choosing a burger – cheeseburger for me, bacon cheeseburger for him – and a piece of fried chicken to try with a portion of chips each. Plus I opted to try their newly released brownie tray with a pot of chocolate sauce for dessert. In total that was £21 just for my food. I think this is pretty pricey, but I get it’s a pretty niche market and I paid it because I really wanted to give it a try.

What did we think?

As someone who hasn’t eaten a real burger or real chicken for 18 months, Saucy make food that perfectly replaces the real thing. The burger was a damn good burger, enjoyed equally by both me and my boyfriend who isn’t veggie but happily eats meat substitutes with me. The burger patty was a little thin for an £8 burger, especially when it’s an extra £3.50 to add another – not something I think would be worth the price. But like I said it was tasty and satisfied my burger craving. I was pretty blown away by the friend chicken because it tasted good and, to me, the texture was incredibly close to the real thing. I’d point out it’s important to consider I haven’t really found a good chicken substitute (except definitely Quorn nuggets) because I always find they have a fatty or stringy texture, I think Naked Glory’s chicken is a good example of this. From a meat eater’s perspective, my boyfriend wasn’t sold on the chicken like he was the burger. We shared the brownie tray since, when paired with the chocolate sauce, it was so intensely chocolately and there’s no way I could have tackled it alone (not a bad thing at all – I was in heaven).

The biggest let down for me was the food didn’t stay warm on it’s journey to us. Saucy have opted to wrap and box the food in paper and cardboard, rather than choosing less environmentally friendly options such as foil or styrofoam. Their choice to do this obviously aligns with their vegan approach to fast food with it being kinder on the planet, and it wasn’t the end of the world either – I could have reheated it in the microwave if I wanted to.


My cravings were properly satisfied, and I think, the burgers especially, are a great option for meat eaters too. It isn’t something I would be willing to afford every time I have a takeaway and, next time, I would prefer to give it a try using their outdoor seating instead of ordering for delivery. Still, I was impressed and didn’t at all regret trying it out.

I’m aware of a couple of options with just as good reviews: Nether Edge Pizza Company is known for its vegan pizzas, Sunshine Vegan Deli offers vegan fried chicken, burgers, kebabs and even fish & chips, and Icarus & Apollo offer internationally inspired vegan street food. All are available through either Just Eat or City Grab, and I’m looking to give all of them a try at some point.

Im x

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